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So, What Else is New

I'm sorry about the subject, I just say this sucks all the time because everything sucks to me. Hey guys I'm review begging. I have a few fanfics on www.fanfiction.net and I'd like some reviews. You can just go to my profile, all you have to do is search story by author and type in Arabella Noel and you'll find me. Speaking of Arabella Noel, did you know I've become a Wiccan. I quit believing in God because I just didn't feel right and it's a sin to be a lesbian, so I just quit. If God don't like me, I don't like him, so now I'm a Wiccan and I love it! So what else is new about me, there's a lot of things new about me every day!

Summer's Here (no enthusiasm)

 Okay, here's the thing I'm really fourteen, but my mouse slipped when I joined Live Journal so I clicked the wrong year, anyway, summer's here, but I'm not sure I'm happy about it. I want to go to school so I can see my math teacher she's leaving and I'll never get to see her again. I told her that I loved her when I signed her yearbook so maybe it won't be so bad. At least we didn't end on bad terms like me and my cousin. She use to be my math teacher, but I hated her, she wouldn't teach us anything and plus she hated me and what I am because she doesn't think I should be this way. Her little favorite student thinks everything she does is right. When I told her that the teacher hated me because of it she said and I quote, "I don't blame her, I wouldn't want someone like that in my family." Then she tried to act like it was an accident when I know she meant to say that. Well at least I have one person I can count on that she doesn't. You may have noticed that I haven't revealed any names, that's because, as my favorite teacher would say, "Girl scout's honor, I never reveal the name of a student." I'll live my life by that. She also had three rules, "Follow directions, work hard, and be kind" I will forever remember those rules and when I become a teacher I will try to be just like her, but I'll never be that good. Well, about summer, I don't know if I have anything planned, but I have a stack of books I'd like to read because I never get to read for fun during the school year, so that's what I'll be doing, reading and writing. It's going to take me a while to get over all my losses, but once I do it will be a good summer, plus, I've got people to rely on.

My Fanfic

  I posted this fanfic on writing.com originally. It's a Harry Potter fanfic about Bellatrix and Sybill being together and they get into a fight. It's not much, but I just started putting my writings on the internet. I don't have much in my portfolio right now, but I will and you can read what's there, my URL is www.writing.com/authors/tremaine it's not much right now but I will put more in there. This one that I'm about to put up is the first of a series of fanfics about this couple hope you enjoy it. 

Picks up after Bellatrix kills Serius Black. Retold and fucked up. After a fight with her girlfriend Sybill, she decides to change for the better, but now she has to deal with the Ministry searching for her, will Sybill decide to protect her or will she leave her out in the cold?
    "I killed Serius Black ha haha haha!" laughed Bellatrix Lestrange as she skipped merrily down the corridor after killing her cousin. She was in the Department of Misteries where a fight between Dumbledore's Army and The Deatheaters had occured. She turned around and saw Harry Potter behind her with his wand at the ready. "Are you comming to get me?" she asked.
    Harry was just about to use the Cruceatus Curse when he heard footsteps comming from behind Bellatrix. "Expelliarmus!" exclaimed a female voice.Harry's wand flew involuntarily out of his hand and across the floor. The only thing that stopped it was the wall on the other side of the corridor.
    He went to get his wand, but he kept his eyes on the figure behind Bellatrix. The figure had to be a woman, because of the voice, but Harry couldn't tell who she was because she was wearing a cloak. She now had her arms around Bellatrix's waist as though she were trying to calm a child which was struggling to get out of her grip. She looked familliar even with the cloak.
      Harry was preparing to turn his wand on so that he could see who the woman was when she backed into the Floo powder network dragging Bellatrix with her, but in doing so she revealed her bushy hair and thick black glasses. Before Harry had a chance to guess who she was the two women disappeared into the fire.
      They reappeared in another fireplace. The room was beautiful. It was dark and had a scent that was almost intoxicating. Bellatrix curled up on the sofa. The woman stood in front of the sofa. "What were you thinking Bellatrix, you killed him after I told you to get some help!" she yelled. "Sybill, I don't think I would have been able to get help, what with the Ministry watching everything like a hawk." said Bellatrix.
    The other woman took her cloak off to reveal that she was Sybill Trelawney. "Bellatrix I can't keep hiding you."she said. "Sybill, you love me don't you?" asked Bellatrix. "Stop it Bellatrix, you know what you did, now stop trying to change the subject." said Sybill. "Sybill, if you loved me you would understand that I had to kill him." said Bellatrix. "Bellatrix, there's no reason to kill someone, you should have come to me, I could have helped you." said Sybill. "Sybill, you know full well that you couldn't help me, you escaped from the St Mungos mental ward." said Bellatrix. "So did you, but I've told you time and time again how to resist when someone is trying to posess you I've been down that road." said Sybill.
      Bellatrix was apparently offended. "Well, I'm sorry if I can't keep my mind closed to people who shouldn't be there, it's not like you haven't been posessed once or twice!" she yelled. "Bellatrix I'm just saying that you need to stop letting him in, the more you let him in the more he's going to make you do, today it was killing one person, tomorrow it's kiling a whole race of people, you have to block him out." said Sybill. "I can't. " said Bellatrix. "Well you'd better learn because I'm not going to keep protecting you if you're not going to make an effort to protect yourself."said Sybill. "Fine then, I'm going to my sister's house, I may or may not be back in the morning." said Bellatrix. "Fine then go."said Sybill. "I hope you'll reconcider throwing me out because my sister is an ex-deatheater and she'll protect me." said Bellatrix. " She turned against you know who, that's why she has more since than you, now get out of my sight before I call the Ministry and tell them where you are." said Sybill.
      Without another word Bellatrix left, slamming the door behind her. Sybill was left alone in the dark living room. "How could I have let my girlfriend walk out like that, why didn't I stop her, I hope she gets to her sister's house okay and before the Ministry finds her." she thought to herself. She decided there was nothing left to do but go to bed. Their bed. The bed that she and Bellatrix shared. She would be alone in their bed tonight. So with tears rolling down her cheeks, she climbed the stairs to their bedroom.
      Bellatrix had apparated to her sister's house. "Narcissa, can I spend the night here?" she asked when her sister opened the door. "Bellatrix, come in please you look horrible, what happened?"asked Narcissa. "It's a long story." said Bellatrix. "Come in let me make you some tea and you can tell me all about it." said Narcissa. "Draco is asleep right?" asked Bellatrix. "Is this something about you and Sybill?" asked Narcissa as she prepared some tea for her sister. They were now in the kitchen, Bellatrix was sitting at the table. "Kinda." said Bellatrix. "I've already told Draco and Lucius about you and Sybill." said Narcissa. "That's not a problem, I just don't want him to hear about why we had a fight." said Bellatrix.
      "Aunt Bellatrix, you had a fight with Sybill!" exclaimed a boy's voice behind her.Bellatrix turned around to see her nephew Draco standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Draco, what are you doing out of bed?" snapped Narcissa. "I got up to go to the bathroom, but I heard Aunt Bellatrix and I wanted to see what was going on." said Draco. "She's fine, go back to bed." said Narcissa. "Draco, you haven't told anyone at school, have you?" asked Bellatrix. "No, I won't, don't worry." said Draco. "Good boy." said Bellatrix. "Draco, will you get the guest bedroom ready for Aunt Bellatrix, she'll be up in a moment." said Narcissa.
      "Sure." said Draco. He went upstairs. "Okay, now you can tell me why you had a fight with Sybill." said Narcissa. " Okay, I let the Dark Lord get into my mind again and she went all crazy about it." said Bellatrix. "You let him in, Bella, I thought you were going to quit." said Narcissa. "I tried, but I can't fight him and she said that if I didn't learn to fight him off then she wouldn't protect me anymore. " said Bellatrix. "Bella, you should have come to me, I know the perfect way to block him." said Narcissa.
      "The guest room is ready, Aunt Bellatrix did you really fight with Sybill?" asked Draco. "It was over something that I'm going to get straightened out honey don't worry about that."said Bellatrix. "Was it because you wouldn't lick her personal regions because I would have done it if I were you." said Draco. "No nothing that childish honey." said Bellatrix. "Draco, go to bed." said Narcissa. "Fine then, I was just asking." said Draco and he walked upstairs.
        "Bellatrix, would you like me to bring you some dinner up, it's late but I can conjur you up something." said Narcissa. "No thank you, I think I'll be going straight to sleep." said Bellatrix. "Okay and you can call Sybill in the morning." said Narcissa. "Okay." said Bellatrix. So both women spent their nights alone.
        The next morning, Bellatrix was awake and eating breakfast with her family. "Aunt Bellatrix I don't blame you for leaving her, she's loony, about as loony as loony lovegood actually." said Draco. "I didn't leave Sybill, we just had a disagreement, but I hope when I get back she'll have come to her senses, I know she loves me, she doesn't want me to go to Azkaban." said Bellatrix. "She'll probably protect you, I know Sybill, she'll hide you and help you with Occlumency since that's your weakest point." said Narcissa. "I'm going back to her house when I finnish eating." said Bellatrix.
        Sure enough after she finnished eating she said goodbye to her family and left to go see her girlfriend. Sybill wasn't mad at all. After Bellatrix appologized for being so sensitive they began to talk about what happened. "Well if you needed help with Occlumency, all you had to do was ask." said Sybill. "I tried to tell you, but you were so mad at me and I was mad at myself so it didn't work out too well." said Bellatrix. "Bella, I will hide you and help you with Occlumency, but you'll have to make and effort to change and rsist him." said Sybill. "I'll try." said Bellatrix. "I know you will." said Sybill. And without another word, their lips met in a passionate kiss. Sybill knew she had to protect the woman in her arms. She was her girlfriend. And after all, she loved her girlfriend.


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I'm being stupid

 Hey, me again, I'm being bad right now! I'm not suppose to be on the computer right now but I get on here all the time. I have no idea why I just decided to start typing what I'm thinking. You know what, I'll just save this and get on with my life. Oh lord I thought I heard someone call my name, it's scary living alone! Okay I'll post my fanfics in my journal entries sometime, it's easier that way.

Just to get you started

 Just to get you started on who I am I think this will be a very short entry. I don't normally keep secrets so that let's you all know a little about me already. I'm very open minded, I accept everyone because I know what it's like to not be accepted. I'll reveal more about myself in the future. I'm one to slowly reveal things about myself to keep people guessing. There's really not much to say about me! The first thing I'll reveal to all you people out there is that I've been a lesbian all my life and I'm not at all ashamed of it. I'm never one to be ashamed of anything so everything on here is completely true and not anyhting that people in real life don't already know. I alsio write fanfics all the time, but I'll get into more of that later, most likely they'll be in my journal entries but sometimes I'll write about me.